First Meeting Recap

Thanks again to everyone who came to the first meeting for the Albany Home Zone. Here is a summary of what was discussed.

First we had a brainstorming about what we would ideally like to see on our street:
Bike parking for multiple bikes/racks in the street
Fewer cars
Less pavement--narrowing the street
Traffic calming/slower traffic
Bulb outs with community garden space
Speed bumps
Skateboarding and basketball in the street
Zig zag diagonal parking--back in
Spaces without cars
Sand box/play equipment/safe play spaces
Signage at the entrance/narrow entrance
Raised cross walks at each end so cars go over and pedestrians stay
level with the curb
Benches for adults to sit and talk
Permanent furniture for communal meals (shady)
Murals/paintings/mosaics in the street
Ballards at the curbs

There seemed to be a lot of support for diagonal back-in parking that would be staggered so that cars could not travel in a straight line as a first step, however, we wanted to solicit more input from other residents before any decisions were made.

The following action steps were agreed upon:

1) Begin talking to neighbors while circulating petitions for the block party (September 8th). Test out which messages resonate with people (safety, reprogramming public space/play space). Gauge general reactions.

2) Complete an informal traffic study to determine how many cars are through traffic and how many are local at different times of day. Also, test speed of cars with radar gun.

3) Use block party as a way to further illustrate ideas/brainstorm with neighbors.

4) Meet with the two Aldermen to get buy-in to a process that would ultimately result in the changes we want to see.


Circulating block party petitions:
Julie, Todd, Lauren, Chris, Craig L.

I picked up the block party petitions from the Alderman's office. They recommended that we get them in about a month in advance, so we should shoot for August 8th to have them done. The petitions say we need 70% of the residents of the block, but nobody sticks to that. They gave me four sheets with 15 lines on each, so if we fill them up, I am sure that is fine. I think even 40 or 50 signatures would probably be fine. I am leaving town tomorrow and coming back on Saturday night, so if you are really anxious to get started, you can come by tomorrow morning to get a sheet. I should be here until around 11:00 AM. Otherwise you can get them on Sunday when I get back.

Traffic Study (Count number of cars on the street and which ones are local and which ones are going through. Test speeds):
Weekday morning 7-9: Lisa and Steve
Weekday afternoon 4-6: Lauren
Saturday night 8-10: Lisle
Sunday morning 9-11: Chris (I checked the church website and they have services at 9:30 and 11:00 on Sunday morning. So if you do 9-11, you will get people coming to and leaving from the 9:30 service and also coming to the 11:00 service, so that should cover it)

If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the traffic study, I am sure the single volunteers would appreciate company (Craig B.??).

You can pick what specific day you will do your traffic study, but we agreed to have them done by August 12th (I think we said the 5th, but I thought we could give one more week to give the weekend people more choice).

Also, Chris will be picking up the radar gun from the CBF office, so please post to this list what day you will be doing your traffic study so that Chris can be sure to get the gun to you.

Our next meeting will be August 21st at 6:00 in Craig Ludington's

Agenda for the next meeting will be: Discuss results of traffic study and door knocking and plan what we would like to do at the block party.

I think that's it. Good luck!