Moving Towards Final Design

After much back and forth with CDOT we think we have a design (see last blog entry) that addresses a lot of the concerns that have been raised. This design only loses two parking spots, it will slow down traffic significantly, it has the pull-in parking, it creates some new green space, and it breaks up the diagonal parking so it is not all in one solid line. At this point CDOT has provided a cost estimate of $100,000-$150,000. Alderman Rey Colon has agreed to pay for this total cost out of his menu funding and is willing to move ahead. He still wants us to get signatures to make sure there is support from the block before final approval, but is willing to tell CDOT at this point to keep moving the project through the process. So CDOT is waiting for him to sign off and then they will do a more detailed cost estimate. Having the sign-off from the Alderman does not mean that we can't still make small changes to the proposal, but it keeps things moving. For example, I would like the group to still consider using the back-in parking stalls. The planner from CDOT really encouraged us to do this and thought it fit well with our desire to make this a safer block. Below is an informational file about back-in parking.

At this point we need to seek out all final concerns. Thanks everyone for their patience with this process.

05-Back_in_Diagonal_Parking.pdf1.8 MB