Notes from June 5th meeting

The meeting ended the other night with some chaos as our children were melting down, so I don't think we came away with clear assignments.

We are planning a Block Party for July 12th. We decided to begin collecting signatures for the street redesign at the same time that we are collecting signatures for the block party. At the block party we will try to provide more detailed pictures/models of what we are trying to do and will continue to
collect signatures at the block party and beyond.

We do need to get the block party petitions in ASAP as they usually ask for a month to get approval. We don't really have a month at this point so they will be turned in on June 20th, so please get them to Julie by then.

Attached again is the street redesign petition and the draft plan to attach to it.

If you didn't get one at the meeting, you can download the block party petitions here:

So here are the assignments for collecting signatures:

East side:

Amanda: From your house to the north end of the block
Kathy: Albany Consensus
Todd and Lisa: From the Consensus to the south end of the block
Me: I will do from Amanda's (2459) to the Consensus

West side:

Adam: Your condo building
Lucy: Your condo building (V-building)
Craig: From your house north to the V-building
Carryn: From your house south to the south end of the block

I will also make a flyer for the block party.

If I gave you an assignment, please let me know if you can do it.

redesign petition.doc35.5 KB