Notes from January 22nd Meeting

Since the meeting, John E and I/Julie spoke with TJ, an architect on our block and Tom Brock, another architect from IIT, and they agreed to work on the drawings for us. We will be getting together with TJ in the next week to discuss it.

Meeting Notes January 22nd

After introductions and a recap of previous activities we opened it up for discussion of ideas for the street. We looked at the drawings from the block party to generate discussion. The following ideas came up:

Making the street two ways
Getting rid of the stop light at the end
Adding a speed bump or speed table right after the church
Changing the direction of the street and making a cul de sac
Using textured pavement to indicate a slow zone
Diagonal parking on one side
Bulb outs with plantings and sitting areas
Connecting to Logan Square Preservation for their ideas

Concerns that were raised were:
Who would take care of the plants? (Potentially people on the block)
Backing into diagonal parking would be difficult
The street must be designed so emergency vehicles can go through

There did not seem to be consensus around any of the proposals to change the direction of the street or get rid of the stop light. Some combination of the other ideas seemed to have support.

It seemed that the quickest way to get things done would be to do everything in a way that it would be low cost and temporary so it could be reversed. There was a concern though that if it were temporary, people would want to take it away.

Next steps:

It was agreed that John would approach a couple of architects from IIT, one of whom lives on the block, to ask if they could take our ideas and put them into drawings that we could present to neighbors and the aldermen.

The next step would be to meet again and invite neighbors to see the drawings. After that we would set up meetings with the two aldermen.

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 5th, 6:30 PM at Kathy Tholin’s, 2423 N. Albany.