Notes from August 21st meeting

Traffic study:

Friday August 3rd between 7:30AM-8:30AM:
35 drive throughs (many were fast moving)
Fewer than 5 locals
8 bikes

Tuesday August 21st from 4:00PM-6:00PM:
60 drive throughs (16 fast, 39 speed limit, 5 slow)
23 parked
5 were parked and drove away
19 bikes

It was also noted that there were 70 parking spaces on the street.

Lauren agreed to do another study from 2:30-4:30 on a weekday to see if traffic is different in the middle of the day and heavier when school starts.

Chris and Lisle, we would still be interested in seeing the results of a Sunday morning and a weekend evening.

Door Knocking:

Julie talked to about twelve people on the east side of Albany. There was overwhelming consensus that traffic was too fast on the block and that something should be done. People were all generally positive about the concept of traffic calming and community space. People seemed interested in the diagonal parking. There was only one negative reaction to that idea. The problem she ran into was that she started off talking about slowing down traffic and then it was hard to get people to think about anything other than speed bumps.

Craig talked to around 25 people on the west side of Albany. He pitched as reshaping the street to give it a more human scale. More for people and children and less for cars. He immediately dismissed the idea of speed bumps and talked about how kids are using the street now. He also got very positive reactions from everyone he talked to and one person even sent a pdf a few hours later with aerial photos and diagrams of the ideas.

Block Party:

The block party will go from noon until 10:00 PM on Saturday, September 8th. Julie made flyers in English and Spanish and Craig and Lisa took them to distribute door to door. Kathy agreed to make more copies and give them to Lisa and Craig. We will do another round closer to the block party and also Julie will make a half sheet to put on cars. Julie also has No Parking signs to put up.

We agreed to do the following things at the block party to spur discussion about the street changes:

1) We will have a large poster stating the goals of the changes. Julie will make this. These will include:
Slowing Traffic
Safe Place for kids to play
More green space
Creating Community Space
Maintaining current number of parking spaces

2) We will have 4-5 large diagrams of the street. One will have the diagonal parking concept drawn on it (John will do this). The others will be blank and we will have markers for people to draw ideas on them. Steve has made a diagram of the street, but we need someone to print out large copies of it. Chris or Lisle, were recruited to possibly do this at work.

3) We will simulate the diagonal parking with 6 or 7 cars parked diagonally at one end of the block. Kathy will recruit the Albany Consensus cars and will attempt to find a few others.

4) We will have a poster board with photos of home zones from other countries. (Lisa will make this).

5) We will simulate a community space bulb out by drawing it with chalk near the fire hydrant and then filling it with a baby pool (Todd and Lisa's), large plants, a bench (Craig's).