First Meeting Recap

Thanks again to everyone who came to the first meeting for the Albany Home Zone. Here is a summary of what was discussed.

First we had a brainstorming about what we would ideally like to see on our street:
Bike parking for multiple bikes/racks in the street
Fewer cars
Less pavement--narrowing the street
Traffic calming/slower traffic
Bulb outs with community garden space
Speed bumps
Skateboarding and basketball in the street
Zig zag diagonal parking--back in
Spaces without cars
Sand box/play equipment/safe play spaces
Signage at the entrance/narrow entrance

First Home Zone Meeting

We are convening the first meeting to begin talking about traffic
calming our street and ultimately turning into Chicago's first Home
Zone. Home Zones are protected ultra-low-speed zones in residential
and commercial areas where walking, biking, playing, socializing and
green space have priority.

The meeting will take place Tuesday, July 17th at 6:00 PM at the Albany
Consensus, 2425 N. Albany, in the backyard (rain plan is in Kathy

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