About The Albany Home Zone Project

(A Brief) History

The Albany Home Zone Project got its start as frustration on the part of some residents of our street about the speed that automobile traffic moved down the street. Most automobiles passing down the street aren't driven by locals -- most are people heading down the street as a shortcut to avoid other traffic controls (especially the light at Fullerton and Kedzie). Some residents on the street, in the normal course of conversation, brought up the idea of introducing controls to limit these trips and the speed of those who did drive down the street. Unsatisfied with the usual treatments (mainly speed bumps) some research yielded the idea of implementing a Chicago's first home zone on our block. The idea was floated around and it stuck!

Current State

Currently, the Albany Home Zone Project is fully approved and construction is planned for Summer 2010. UPDATE: construction has started! See the blog for an up-to-date view of the state of the project.

Who's Involved

The Albany Home Zone Project is a volunteer effort led up by Albany Ave resident Julie Dworkin. Many other residents have jumped on board to help out. 35th Ward Alderman Rey Colon has been a supporter of the project's ideas since inception. The Active Transportation Alliance (formerly: The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation) has lent some visioning support as any change will likely make the street safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. The Albany Home Zone is a Break The Gridlock member organization. This website was built and is maintained by the bikegeeks.